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for Thursday, March 22

Make your own PERSONAL opinions count on...

For each question, select whichever choice
best matches your own PERSONAL opinion.

Try to answer EVERY question -- even if some
are so tough you have to toss a mental coin.

All the answers to this survey are
So don't hesitate to tell the truth.

The results of today's survey, including YOUR
votes, will be used in tomorrow's game of...
Majority Says !!!


Would you rather be...
A U.S. Congressperson

Would you rather always...
Dress like a sailor
Swear like a sailor

Fun game
LAME game

In YOUR humble opinion, which is harder to find...
A real, honest-to-goodness psychic
An honest politician

If you wanted to, are you flexible enough to bite your toenails? (We'll wait while you check.)

Would your life story make a better...
Soap opera
Situation comedy

What do you think the chances are your picture will ever be on the cover of a magazine? (...even a really lame or horribly sleazy one)

Be totally honest. A friend tells you a REALLY juicy secret. Are you more likely to...
Keep it a secret
Tell somebody

Have you EVER attended a movie in a movie theater -- ALONE?

For a hundred thousand dollars CASH, would you give up ALL sweets for the rest of your life? (Cakes, candy, cookies, ice cream, soda pop, sugar, etc.)
No -- Life would hardly be worth living!

Now, to make your votes count...