Internet Addict

Are You An Internet Addict?

Just answer these ten simple questions to find out.

Question 1:
What is the first thing you usually do after you get out of bed in the morning?
Go to the bathroom
Let in/out the dog/cat
Check my E-mail
Something else

Question 2:
What is the last thing you usually do before you go to bed?
Go to the bathroom
Let in/out the dog/cat
Check my E-mail
Something else

Question 3:
Your computer breaks down and they say it will take a week to fix. Would you...
Use one of your OTHER computers -- You ALWAYS keep a spare!
Borrow a friend's spare computer
Rent one for a week
Use this as the excuse to buy that snazzy new Pentium IV you've been drooling over
Stay late at school or work to use the computer there
Find some OTHER form of entertainment until it's repaired

Question 4:
Do you use the same telephone line for your computer AND for voice conversations?
Yes, but I have Call-Waiting
No, I added a phone line just for the computer

Question 5:
On a typical day, how many E-mail messages do you receive?
1 or 2
3 to 5
6 to 10
More than 10

Question 6:
Have you ever stayed online while... (check all that apply)
Talking on the telephone
Watching TV
Taking a bathroom break

Question 7:
Which of these Internet or Online accounts do you currently have? (check all that apply)
America OnLine
MicroSoft Network
ATT Worldnet

Question 8:
Have you EVER bought anything over the Internet?

Question 9:
Is it usually easier to get you by E-mail or telephone?

Question 10:
Check your watch right now... What time is it? (choose the closest hour)
6 AM... "Why am I on the computer so early?"
10 AM... Coffee Break
Noon... Lunch Hour
3 PM... "Didn't they used to have TV shows on at this hour?"
7 PM... "I don't care if dinner's getting cold, I'll be there in a minute!"
Midnight... "I'll check my E-mail one last time before I hit the sack"
3 AM... "Oh my God, it's already tomorrow!"

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